Saturday, February 14, 2009

IMBUMBA Executive Summary

IMBUMBA is an isiXhosa word meaning “a group with a common cause”. We focus on networking existing youth based NGO’s and aid them with recruitment of mentors and promoting their relevant causes. By assisting and working with existing sustainable projects, IMBUMBA meets its objectives.

We have identified that the community has a wealth of potential leaders and established NGOs however, the community lacks a connection between the two. As IMBUMBA we strive to bridge this gap with the necessary networking.

This networking of youth empowerment organizations will also provide the means for the youth mentors to apply their learned skills within their community. IMBUMBA hopes to fill the gap between existing NGOs, so they may reach their fullest potential. With provided youth mentors these organizations may further succeed with their already established youth mentorship programs. We call on the youth and existing NGO’s to join the IMBUMBA Project, Become Volunteers, Become Mentors and Begin the Networking.

We have partnered with the Centre for Social Development’s (CSD), Student Volunteer Programme to house the IMBUMBA Project. We have also partnered with the Presidents Award IN 2008 to provide them with the necessary recruitment to implant their project on Rhodes Campus. .

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